• Learn how to regain control and experience freedom from food forever.
  • Learn the strategies that have helped Janae overcome emotional eating after years of struggling.
  • How is our program different from other treatments.
My name is Lucia Veracruz and I help mums develop a healthy relationship with food and their body by my proven Online Mindset & Body Coaching program.

Are you ready to commit and...

  • Free yourself from your old eating habits, limiting beliefs and fears and develop new habits that will help you lose weight and keep it off for good?
  • Have a new way of dealing with your emotions, control your own fate and experience the freedom you deserve?
  • Optimize your metabolism to break down the food you eat faster and use it for energy instead of storing it as fat?  
  • Learn to choose the right nutrients to minimize the cravings which will leave you feeling energized instead of being tired all the time?
  • Have new found confidence, motivation and energy to maintain your new body and lifestyle for good?