Please read the detailed guidelines in the menu by clicking on the Exercise program tab before commencing the training session.

Exercise instructions:

  1. A 2-minute warm-up is included.
  2. There are 8 exercises in 1 round and each of them is 30 seconds long.
  3. Rest 0-60 seconds between exercises, according to your fitness level.
  4. To complete theĀ workout you will need to do 3 rounds.
  5. The workout takes 20-25 minutes depending on how much rest you need between rounds.
  6. A 2-minute stretch/ cool down included.
  7. If any of the exercises are causing pain in your joints or lower back, select one of the following options:
  • listen to the instructions on how to do them correctly to avoid pain
  • change to the alternatives provided with some of the exercises
  • repeat the previous exercise
  • skip it and move to the next one

1. Toes to ceiling leg drops

  • Lay on your back, lift your butt off the ground and point your knees or your toes to the ceiling
  • On the way down change to leg drops with both legs or alternate if you are a beginner
  • Draw your belly button in and if you feel any pain in your lower back, change to a plank instead

2. Shuffle high knees

  • Start with 4 shuffles followed by 4 high knees then repeat
  • If you find these hard, you can do running on the spot instead
  • This is a great exercise to get the heart rate up so you can improve your energy

3. Side leg raise crunch

  • Lay on your side one hand behind your head and the other on the ground
  • Do a side crunch pointing the elbow towards your knees
  • You can raise your legs up or keep them on the ground if you are a beginner
  • Repeat the crunches then swap sides hallway

4. Hooks

  • Bring your left leg forward shoulder width apart
  • Relax your hips but pull your stomach in to support your back
  • Throw a hook side to side like you want to break through a wall
  • The aim is to go as fast as you can, to bring the heart rate up

5. Side drops

  • Start with the elbow under the shoulder, the belly button sucked in
  • The other hand on your hips or on the ground if you need help with balance
  • Then move your hips up and down not touching the ground then swap halfway

6. Speed skaters half burpees

  • Jump side to side throwing one leg behind the other followed by a half burpee then repeat
  • If you are a beginner, you can step your feet back instead of jumping

7. Reverse plank on elbows

  • Get into a plank position but the other way round
  • The weight is on your elbows and your heels
  • Keep the butt off the ground and the core engaged
  • If this is hurting your back or shoulders, you can change to a normal plank instead

8. Mountain climbers high knees

  • Get into a push-up position, pull your stomach in the whole time to protect your lower back
  • Do 3 mountain climbers with or without a skip followed by a high knee then repeat