Implementing Lesson 8:

  1. You cannot have a balance in the area you want if you reject balance in other areas.
  2. Accept all sides of society: healthy and unhealthy, sad and happy, science and religion, rich and spiritual, etc…
  3. Once you have a different view of the society you live in and a view of yourself, you are going to be well equipped to manage your emotional state and make better choices when it comes to your eating habits.
  4. When you totally deny one thing and obsess over the other, you end up creating the opposite.
  5. The only way to be wrong is to choose a side and the only way to lose is to stay the same without any change.
  6. Let go of every belief that you’re holding onto that is controlling who you are and how you feel.
  7. Do the personality test.
  8. Do 3 things that you would normally never do to “explore” the other side.

Today’s homework:

Welcome to your Mindset & Body Coaching Lesson 8

1. Your full name

2. Did you complete today's coaching lesson? If not, why not?

3. Did you exercise today? If not, why not?

4. Did all of your food choices make you feel satisfied today? If they didn't, how can you do better next time?

5. Did you binge today (eat an insane amount of food in one sitting)? If you did, what did you binge on and how much did you eat? If you didn't, go to question 10. 

6. If you binged, do you know why? What foods are you trying to restrict or control? What was the conversation in your head? What emotions did you feel before the binge? And how did they affect your binge?
7. How can you change that conversation in your head next time? What habits can you change to help you move forward? And how can you manage your emotions better next time instead of eating?
8. How did you feel after the binge?
9. What strategies did you use to help you move on? And how long did it take you to move on?
10. What improvements can you celebrate today?

11. Do you have any questions regarding today’s lesson?

12. How do you feel after completing it?