How To Have A Healthy Relationship With Food

What does it mean to have a healthy relationship with food?

I think it means if we are able to make food choices that are in alignment with our values and make us feel good without any restrictions, rules or force.

It’s when we are able to eat whatever we want, whenever we want and as much as we want by giving our body what it truly needs to thrive.

And also respecting and nurturing ourselves by honoring our body’s hunger and fullness cues.

We all have a relationship with food because we all need to eat.

But some of us drift away in the wrong direction by creating beliefs and habits that lead to an unhealthy relationship with food.

Where eating and thinking about food can cause pain, struggle, suffering, guilt and shame.

And where we either don’t eat enough or we eat too much disregarding our body’s needs.

And then one day when our clothes don’t fit anymore, we make a decision to change.

Thinking if we keep eating whatever we want, we will end up gaining a lot of weight and lose control.

Seeing ourselves in bad shape creates so much pain that we start restricting and denying ourselves.

And to get rid of the pain, we search for the fastest way to get there.

We look at the latest diets to help us get back in shape instead of just going back to basics.

Which is eating nourishing food regularly, staying hydrated, being active and getting some rest to reduce stress.

Just like what we used to do before we formed an unhealthy relationship with food.

Unless we never had good eating habits, to begin with.

Giving up the freedom of choice

So instead of going back to basics, we choose to deny ourselves willingly giving up our freedom of choice by creating rules and restrictions about our eating.

There was an experiment in Minnesota to study the physical effects of starvation.

They selected some people who had no problems with food or their weight what’s so ever and they put them on a very low-calorie diet for 6 months.

It was documented that after the experiment these people became insanely obsessed with food and developed an insatiable appetite.

Not only that but they also overate excessively for over 2 years after the experiment has finished.

And their weight was recorded as heavier than when they began the experiment.

Similarly, when we start restricting food, we experience similar problems even if we are a really long way from starving.

Interestingly enough, there are some people that say that a little bit of starvation is good for us…

Like the latest trend with intermittent fasting.

But the question we have to ask ourselves…

Do we freely choose to do fasting or do we force ourselves with pain and suffering because we want to lose weight?

Mindset of prohibition

Because the mindset of prohibition has a profound effect on our actions regardless of who makes the rules.

There is a lot of research confirming that prohibiting food makes it more attractive.

Another problem is when we create a belief that the only way to feel free from prohibition is by eating what’s prohibited.

But there is another way!

Which is giving ourselves permission to eat whatever we want without having to actually eat it.

Instead of following restrictions, we can have freedom from food rules and freely choose to eat better.

If we don’t have a sense of freedom, then we probably won’t care about our choices as much, because our focus will be on having no freedom of choice.

Which then creates the need to rebel against it…

Different choices creating different outcomes

Only different choices creating different outcomes will lead to long-lasting freedom and a healthy relationship with food.

So probably the most important part of eating normally is a healthy mindset.

It is definitely not the latest diet or the latest exercise routine which is what we see all over the media.

The change begins with our mindset, beliefs and habits.

Our limiting beliefs that we have about food and ourselves can hold us back for the rest of our lives unless we change them.

For example, believing that we are addicted to food, that we are hopeless, weak or that we have no willpower.

Or beliefs about not being able to manage our emotions without food.

By transforming ourselves, we will be able to have a normal relationship with food.

And that is exactly what we work on with our clients in our Mindset and body coaching program.

We guide them through step by step on how to create a new mindset in order to create a healthy lifestyle without any force, rules or struggle.

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