How To Make Healthy Eating Easy

When it comes to binge and overeating there are two types of people.

  1. Those who have never had a healthy relationship with food since childhood,
  2. Those who have been dieting all their lives.

Regardless of which category you fall into, you will have one or more of these common behaviors:

  • Eating when not hungry,
  • Having intense urges to eat,
  • Not feeling satisfied after finishing a meal,
  • Eating fast,
  • Feeling emotional relief while eating,
  • Eating while stressed,
  • Numbing feelings with food,
  • Eating alone to avoid others noticing.


Whether or not you have been dieting or restricting yourself, you might still experience urges to binge due to your habits.

If your binging is really bad, then you might be thinking:

  • that there is something wrong with you,
  • that you are addicted to food,
  • that you have absolutely no willpower.

But the fact that you are functioning on autopilot is proof that you have a very healthy brain!

See what happens in our brain, is that with repetition we create neural pathways to help us preserve energy.

That way whatever action we take, if we repeat it enough, our brain makes it automated until it becomes effortless.


This is also called neuroplasticity.

The ability of the brain to change continuously throughout an individual’s life.

So, the reason why we are not able to control our bad eating habits is because we got so good at creating them by repetition.

In order to get really good at creating good eating habits, all we have to do is repeat the new ones we really want.

Once the new neural pathways in our brain are formed, the old ones will disappear.

Cravings & feelings

And these connections in our brain are also closely linked with our cravings.

So, if you are used to binging on junk food and sweets all the time, then that is exactly what you are going to have cravings for.

If you are used to having sweets or soft drinks after each meal, then that is exactly what you will crave.

The same applies to other habits such as going to bed late, being active or needing a nap.

If you are used to going to bed late, then you most likely wont feel like going to bed early…

And if you are used having a nap every afternoon, then that is exactly what you will feel like doing.

Programming the brain

These feelings and cravings have nothing to do with your personality whether you have a sweet tooth, whether you are a morning person or whether you are just naturally a lazy person.

These feelings and cravings are programmed in your brain, created by your habits and repetition.

If you want to change your habits and start craving healthy food and being more active, all you need to do is repeat the process for 12 weeks until it becomes effortless.

And just keep going until eating unhealthy becomes unappealing and being lazy becomes painful.

One step at a time

If the thought of changing your habits, gives you anxiety, then focus on taking baby steps.

You are just learning to walk, which means you will fall…

And when you do, all you need to do is get up and try again.

Let go of perfection and focus on being present and mindful about what does your body really needs right now to be nourished.

Watch how you feel and act one moment at the time, rather than thinking how you ate yesterday or how you will eat tomorrow.

Anxiety comes from fear of future events…

Bring yourself back to the present moment and focus on right now.

When tomorrow comes, deal with it tomorrow…

What and how much should you eat

If you feel like eating more, you can.

You are allowed to honor and nourish your body with as much food as it needs.

Some days it might be more and some days it might be less…

Shift your focus from what you shouldn’t have in the house and what you shouldn’t eat to:

What should you have in the house and what should you eat to heal and respect your body?

If you have no fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and protein in the house, you are more likely to reach for whatever you find.

And the more you try to restrict your choices, the more desire you will have for them.

If all you are thinking about is what foods you need to cut out from your diet, then that is exactly what you will obsess about.

So, make sure to stock your house up with a lot of colorful whole foods, rather than bowls of candy, chips and biscuits.

And even if you don’t feel like eating them, remember that by repetition, the cravings will change too.

And here are the changes you can make:

  1. Use healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil, healthy raw unsalted nuts and seeds,
  2. Try grilling or roasting rather than frying,
  3. Increase lean protein with each meal,
  4. Use wholegrains which have more good fiber (brown rice, whole-wheat bread and pasta)
  5. Use less salt,
  6. Swap unsatisfying snacks for snacks that have more nutrients (Popcorn, whole grain crackers, yoghurt, fruits and veggies)
  7. Drink water, sparkling water or herbal tea instead of sugary drinks

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