How To Stop Binge Eating

It all started when I was 16 years old, and I have been laughed at for having a big butt and wide hips.

I was a healthy weight for my shape and size but because of nasty comments, judgments, and comparison, I started to believe that I needed to lose weight.

Being a teenager, I had no idea that my drastic actions would impact my life for the next 20 years.

By strict dieting, I developed anorexia and lost 10 kilos from my healthy weight.

And when I couldn’t restrict myself anymore, I started binging and gained 20 kilos back.

Step #1 Stop dieting

The first step that helped me stop binge eating was when I stopped dieting.

Dieting has a 95% failure rate.

Most people who diet, will not only gain all the weight back but they will gain even more than they started with.

In my case, I went from 63 kilos to 53 kilos.

And then to 73 kgs from where I fluctuated 5-7 kilos up and down until I stopped dieting nearly 20 years later and I went back to 65kgs without dieting.

If the chances of crashing a car blindfolded were 95%, would we get in a car and drive blindfolded?

Most probably not, but we do it with dieting anyway.

It is all over the media

Unfortunately, all we see on media is that in order to get in shape, we need to go on a diet.

That we need to lower the calories, go to the gym, cut out the carbs, fats or meats or take some drops or drink shakes to lose weight.

Or the worst-case scenario we need to get surgery because we don’t have any willpower to stop overeating.

We don’t see any advertisements that would promote simply going back to basics eating a nutritious balanced diet.

Because then the weight loss industry wouldn’t make any money.

Other than the information we receive from the media, another reason why we choose to diet is because we want instant gratification.

It may have taken us 5-10 years to gain a large amount of weight, yet we want to and expect to lose it in a few weeks.

And when we can’t see the results fast enough, we give up because of our all or nothing attitude.

And because diets are not sustainable long term, we go back to our old ways.

So, we end up losing and gaining weight for years to come only to be constantly unsatisfied and out of shape.

Going back to basics

Repeating the same cycle over and over again.

But what if instead of dieting and rules, we would focus on just adding more nutrients to our diet?

What if instead of eating fast food or ordering take-outs, we would just cook and eat delicious meals at home?

Dieting has never worked long term.

Dieting is hard and painful!

It can affect us mentally, physically and emotionally.

The restrictions make us want to think about and eat more food and make us feel hungry and deprived all the time.

The calorie restriction and cutting out macronutrients puts us in “survival mode” which slows down our metabolism, messes with our cravings and energy.

So, in order to get in shape and reduce the urges to binge, we need to stop dieting once and for all.

Step #2 Change old habits by choice

The second step that helped me overcome binge eating was changing my habits by choice.

When we feel like we have to change our habits to lose weight, then we stay in survival mode.

And then the change is painful and challenging.

However, if we freely choose to make better choices because we want to look after ourselves and nurture our body, the process is effortless.

In order to change our habits, all we have to do is take different action because we want to.

Not because we have to.

If our dieting is always followed by binging and binging is always followed by dieting, we need to break that cycle.

And we can do this by being mindful and by nourishing ourselves after a binge.

By being kind and loving, instead of punishing ourselves with starvation and overexercising.

Only when we respond differently to overeating, we will get different results.

The more we practice not restricting ourselves after binging, the easier it gets.

Neural pathways

And this happens because our brain forms new neural pathways that will make this new habit effortless.

Just like when we drive home on the same route over and over again…

We really don’t have to think.

However, if we were to change the route, we would need to pay attention and follow the map, so we don’t get lost.

And once we have driven on this new route a few times, it becomes automated and effortless.

And this is exactly what we teach our clients in our Mindset and body coaching program.

We teach them how to create new neural pathways that will help them change their habits without any restrictions, rules or force.

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