How To Stop Thinking About Food All The Time

I remember the days when I used to binge and diet, all I could think about was food.

It seemed that it occupied pretty much most of my time.

From the moment I opened my eyes until I went to sleep…

I was planning, plotting and wondering what, when and how much I am going to eat.

This has all started at the time when I went on my first diet.

When the food was restricted, I thought about it more, because it was forbidden.

Just imagine if someone told you not to think about eating chips, then all you could think about would be eating chips…

Whatever we think about whether it is negative or positive, that is what our brain will focus on.

And we can shift our focus, by changing our mindset and physiology.

That, in turn, can help us overcome challenges with overeating, sugar addiction or resisting cravings without needing any willpower.

And here are the steps to take to stop thinking about food all the time:

Step #1 Throw the thoughts in the trash by shifting the mindset.

Back in the days when I first started working on my mindset, I used a strategy that my therapist suggested.

She said to throw some thoughts in an imaginary trash.

So, if a thought popped up in my head that was not useful, I would throw it in the trash.

For example, thinking that I should carry on eating after I finished a meal.

I wouldn’t fight it or control it.

I would just acknowledge it, confirm, that I was definitely not hungry and then discard it.

This was the simpler method, which worked really well sometimes.

Step #2 Prevent the thoughts from popping up

Another method was preventing those thoughts from showing up in the first place.

And we can do this by:

  1. No dieting or restricting
  2. Nourishing ourselves with an adequate amount of food
  3. Changing our habits

1. No dieting or restricting

When we go on a diet, we restrict some types of food or we lower the calories, we get into survival mode.

And when we are in survival mode, we are telling our brain, that the food won’t be available for a while.

So, in order to preserve our energy stores, our brain sends signals, so we start searching for food to prevent “starvation”.

See the brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is in our imagination.

All it knows that food will be limited.

So, I guess the first step to stop thinking about food all the time, would be to stop dieting and restricting.

If our diet is not as healthy and nourishing as we would like, we can focus on what do we get to have.

We need to think about how we can nurture ourselves instead of focusing on what is not allowed.

That way, not only that we will feel more satisfied, but we will also quite down our food focused thoughts and survival instincts.

2. Nourishing ourselves with an adequate amount of food

Eating an adequate amount of food and a variety of food will help us stop thinking about food.

When we get busy throughout the day and we skip a few meals here and there, then the thoughts about food will start appearing prompting us to eat.

Usually, by that time, we are really hungry which then increases our appetite, driving us to eat more food.

And if our diet is low on nutrients and variety, not only that we will feel less satisfied but we also end up thinking about food more.

If you are worried about gaining weight by not dieting and eating an adequate amount of food then just think about this.

What happens to your weight when you diet and then binge?

And then compare it to:

What happens to your weight if you just eat adequately all the time and stop binging?

In the first option, you are more likely to lose weight and then gain more weight back and then lose weight again until you will gain it back…

Going up and down for years to come.

In the second option, you will start losing weight slowly as your body relaxes, your digestion and metabolism improve until you reach the weight that is healthy and comfortable for your shape.

3. Changing our habits

And lastly, we can quite down our food thoughts by changing our habits.

If we are in a habit of eating sweets after each meal, then that is exactly what we will think about.

If we change that habit to having a cup of tea instead, that our thoughts can shift from food to tea.

Whatever we are used to doing, that is what we will think about.

So change your habits in order to shift your thoughts from food back to living.

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