Implementing Lesson 3:

  1. Surround yourself (have conversations) with like-minded positive people who are balanced and who you admire.
  2. Be conscious of what you ask your brain to search for. Your brain has a “search engine” and based on the questions you put in your “search engine”, your brain will come up with the answers and you will find what you are looking for.
  3. If any thoughts come up as a result of your search that have a negative effect on you, move them to the “trash” and replace them with positive questions that will program the brain to come up with the right answers, thoughts and ideas! E.g. “How can I change my daily habits to achieve balance?”
  4. Look at exercising and eating nutritious food as a way of living rather than something you do only until you achieve your goal.
  5. Choose foods that have nutrients in them in order to help you control your urges. Food that has empty calories (e.g. lollies, plain biscuits, chips, etc.) will not satisfy you!
  6. Do your exercises, whether you feel like it or not. Eventually, the thoughts of skipping a workout will disappear.
  7. To sustain this long term, make sure your healthy meals are delicious and flavorsome, have regular treats and regular breaks from training (during holidays, when sick or every 12 weeks).
  8. Believe that you can achieve anything you desire with this recipe: Current situation+ desire+ goals+ plan+ action+ time = DREAMS
  9. Make a decision: “Do you want to be a victim and give up control or do you want to take responsibility and have control over your life?”
  10. Be open-minded and start questioning everything (Every situation is subject to interpretation). Is it possible that something you are convinced about is not what you think it is?
  11. Start using the power of compound interest. Start working on yourself (mindset, exercise, healthy diet, affirmations, meditation) every day, it might not seem much at a time but you keep persevering and it’s a guarantee that you will become one of the few  “masterminds” who achieve their wildest dreams.
  12. Create a balanced version of you by:
      • Mindset & body coaching program and then affirmations (3 months)
      • Exercise (15-30 minutes 4- 6 days a week)
      • Healthy nutrition and regular treats (satisfying meals)
      • Sufficient sleep and rest (6.5- 8 hours or as much as you can get if you have a small baby)
      • Meditation (20 minutes a day)

Today’s homework:

Welcome to your Day 5 Questionnaire & feedback

1. Your full name
2. Did you complete today's coaching lesson? If not, why not?
3. Did you exercise today? If not, why not?
4. Did all of your food choices make you feel satisfied today? If they didn't, how can you do better next time?
5. Did you binge today? If you did, were you mindful, what did you binge on and how much did you eat? If you didn’t, go to question 10.
6. If you binged, do you know why? What foods are you trying to restrict or control? What was the conversation in your head? What emotions did you feel before the binge? And how did they affect your binge?
7. How can you change that conversation in your head next time? What habits can you change to help you move forward? And how can you manage your emotions better next time instead of eating?
8. How did you feel after the binge?
9. What strategies did you use to help you move on? And how long did it take you to move on?
10. What improvements can you celebrate today?

11. Do you have any questions regarding today’s lesson?

12. How do you feel after completing it?