What To Do After A Binge To Not Gain Weight

In today’s blog, I wanted to talk about what to do after a binge to not grain weight.

And this is important, to avoid getting caught up in a binge cycle for years to come just like it happened to me.

Typically, after binging, I would go to sleep feeling depressed, guilty, ashamed and broken.

And I would punish myself the next day.

I would try and work off the food by doing a long workout or several workouts that day.

I would vow myself that I would either not eat anything all day or that I would eat super healthy, cutting out sugar, fat and carbs.

The biggest problem was though, that often I would wake up hungry craving exactly what I didn’t want to have.

I wanted to keep eating despite feeling bloated and sick to my stomach from the previous night.

Because of this, my days following a binge would usually be stressful and I would feel extremely anxious.

And to make things worse, II jumped on the scales.

I weighed myself first thing in the morning and then at the end of the day to see how much weight I was able to lose by not eating and overexercising.

However, the scales never made me feel better and this brings me to step #1.

Step #1 Make sure you don’t weigh yourself

Regardless of what you will see on the scales, you will not be happy.

If the weight is up, you’ll feel guilty, ashamed and disappointed which may lead to more binging.

And if the weight hasn’t changed, you might think you got a “free card” to binge again.

While you are obsessing about the number on the scales, the binging cycle will continue.

In my case, it lasted nearly 20 years…

So, shift your focus from your weight to achieving balance which is what will lead to long-lasting weight loss anyway.

And besides your weight after the binge is not your actual weight anyway.

After eating a large amount of salty, fatty and sugary food, you will hold onto a lot of water and your body will be out of whack.

Only once the body goes back to its balanced state, and everything goes back to normal, your actual weight will show.

So, allow at least a couple of days for the body to regulate itself before checking your weight again.

Personally, when I was in a process of recovery from binge and overeating, I stopped weighing myself completely.

Step #2 Allow the food to digest

Allow 3-4 hours for digestion.

During that time focus on nurturing your mind, body and soul with

  • rest,
  • meditation,
  • deep breathing,
  • light walking.

When you are in “fight and flight” mode feeling stressed and anxious, you are not going to be able to digest all the food you just ate.

And by exercising right after a binge, you are just going to release more stress hormones.

Let the body to process what you have just consumed and leave the exercising for later.

Step #3 Drink lots of water

Staying well-hydrated will also speed up the process of digestion and flushing out the toxins from your system.

Some people suggest starting the day with a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water to help ‘kick start’ the digestive system.

There’s no scientific evidence to prove this actually works.

But during emotionally and physically stressful times your liver and digestive system become compromised and they reduce their ability to function optimally.

In which case drinking lemon and apple cider vinegar may assist the process.

Step #4 Make sure you eat nutritious and satisfying meals

Make sure you:

  • Don’t skip any meals even if you don’t feel like eating because you feel guilty.
  • Eat the same portion of food as you would usually or just a slightly less if you are still really full.
  • Eat all 3 food groups to reduce cravings.

Otherwise, any kind of restriction will just set you up for another binge.

Nourish your body with nutritious meals that have some kind of protein, lots of vegetables, some wholegrains and healthy fats.

After my binges I always wanted to eat healthy, but that was the last thing I felt like doing.

The cravings to keep going with the junk food were really strong at that time.

But this was mainly because what I was planning to eat that day was boring, tasteless and not enough.

To reduce the cravings for more junk food, make your meals delicious, exciting and satisfying.

Step #5 Do a 20-30 workout you enjoy

It is important to understand that working out will not negate the binge and it will not burn off the calories you just consumed even if you were to work out all day.

Working out to punish yourself, will create a bad relationship with exercise which will make you resent it.

The only thing that a workout will do, is make you feel better.

So, if you do decide to workout, make sure you wait at least 4 hours after a binge.

And I would do either a 20-30 minute higher intensity workout or maximum 40-50 minutes lower intensity workout.

Step #6 Forgive yourself

One binge is not going to do any drastic changes in your body.

Even people who have a healthy relationship with food, overeat, sometimes and when they do, they just carry on with their day like nothing happened.

It is important to forgive yourself and move on.

Guilt, shame and punishment will only make you feel worse, which will just lead to move overeating.

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Thank you for being here, take care and I’ll see you next time.


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