Why Can’t You Lose Weight No Matter What You Do

When I couldn’t lose weight and keep it off, I was so frustrated.

I thought I tried every diet on earth…

I knew exactly what and how much to eat and which exercises to do to burn fat as I was a personal trainer.

And I just couldn’t get enough information about nutrition and training.

Yet I still wasn’t able to keep the weight off for long.

And it was mainly because when I lost weight with dieting, it was a matter of time before I gained it all back again.

Deprivation and no satisfaction

The constant rules and restrictions always made me feel like I was depriving myself.

I felt constantly unsatisfied because I either didn’t eat enough or I ate too much.

Now when I think of it, I probably never ate the right amount of food that my body really needed.

I was so disconnected from it that I didn’t even know when I was hungry or full.

And the worst thing was that food was on my mind all the time.

I knew that it was because of my eating, that I couldn’t shift my weight.

And the more I was trying to control my eating in order to get in shape, the worst my eating and shape got.

And in today’s training blog I wanted to share with you why can’t you lose weight no matter what you do.

#1 Reason Dieting & Restrictions

As I have mentioned in my previous blogs…

The number 1 reason why we can’t lose weight is that we start obsessing with food due to dieting and restrictions.

The moment we first start controlling our food intake by either reducing the amount of food we eat, cutting out carbs, fat or meat, we go into survival mode.

Impaired metabolism and digestion

And it is because of this that our body responds by slowing down our metabolism, digestions and messing up our hormones.

Not only that, our sole focus becomes looking for more food to ensure our “survival”.

See, our brain really doesn’t know if the food scarcity is real.

All it knows that some food won’t be available for a while and the first response to that is to drive us to eat more food.

And when we are in this state, it is almost impossible to lose weight.

Because our body is working against us holding on to its reserves due to restrictions.

And then another thing happens, if we don’t exercise, then our metabolism gets even slower due to muscle loss…

And if we do exercise, then we just end up being hungrier.

This happens because we release more stress hormones that prevent us from burning fat for fuel.

So that is why no matter what we do, no matter how hard we try, we simply cannot lose weight!

#2 Reason Automated Habits

Reason #2 for why we cannot get in shape is because our dieting and binging become automated.

Our brain is really good at creating automated patterns to be more efficient at preserving energy.

And every time we “fail” our diet, we automatically follow with overeating.

This then drives us to more dieting to undo the damage.

The more often we follow a diet, the less amount of time we are able to stick to it.

I remember when I went on my first diet, I didn’t think it was a big deal.

I felt quite comfortable sticking to my calories and staying away from carbs for nearly 3 months.

But after my first binge, the dieting period became shorter and shorter until I couldn’t stick to a diet even for a day.

Break your old habits

So, it is time to do something different to break those automated patterns.

Don’t do what you always did, do the opposite to that to get a different result.

So, if whatever you are doing right now is not working for you, be brave enough to try something new.

Why diets don’t work for you

If the latest diets, pills, shakes and caloric restrictions are not getting you the results you want, it means it is time to change.

The weight loss industry is a huge multibillion-dollar business.

And it is trying to convince you to try their latest secret recipe for fast weight loss.

But if any of them really worked long term, then everyone would follow them.

Yes, some people do get results.

But we really don’t know what happens to them down the track because their diets are usually a quick fix.

Something they can follow for a short time and then it is a matter of time before they go back to eating real food.

Changing the mindset

And not everyone who diets has a problem with not losing weight and overeating.

There are some personality traits that get hooked on binging more than others.

And that is the reason why we focus on changing our client’s mindset in order to get a new perspective where the food and their shape won’t be the enemy anymore.

Where they can make healthier food choices and get in shape with ease, without restrictions.

And where eating delicious nutritious food becomes fun and enjoyable again and the urges to binge will be gone for good.

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