Why You Can’t Stop Eating & Stick To A Diet

In today’s training, I am going to talk about why you can’t stop eating and stick to a diet.

Reason #1 Dieting

Diets are not sustainable.

Whether we go low carb, low sugar, low calories, it is not possible to sustain a diet forever.

This happens, because we are never satisfied while we are on a diet.

And there will be a point where we will need to stop and go back to eating what satisfies us.

If we are not able to stop eating, it is most likely because we are trying to restrict food.

When we are not satisfied, we are more likely to overeat

When we are in restriction mode, the day that we will make up for missed opportunities to eat food that we enjoy is just around the corner.

And in most cases, we end up eating extra for the restricting days that are yet to come.

So, let’s break that cycle by ditching the restrictions, and just eat focusing on nourishing ourselves with food that satisfies us instead.

Reason #2 Gut health

In my previous blog, I talked about the importance of increasing the healthy bacteria in our gut but increasing nutrients in our diet.

Healthy bacteria in our gut will not only affect our food cravings but also our mood.

Because it is closely linked with our immune system, nervous system and endocrine system.

Bacteria affects our cravings

This means that depending on what we choose to eat, we will increase or decrease our ability to make better choices.

They have the capacity to manipulate our behavior and mood through altering the neural signals in our brain.

They do this by producing toxins to make us feel bad or releasing chemicals to make us feel good.

By increasing nutrients in our diet and adding probiotics and prebiotics we will increase the good bacteria in our gut.

That will make us feel good and then, in turn, we can make better choices.

Reason #3 Being disconnected

While we are disconnected from our mind and body and just operate on autopilot, we have no control or will power to stop overeating.

When I used to overeat, I didn’t really stop and think about anything, I just felt the urge and automatically went for the pantry like I was possessed.

I thought I had no control over it and there is no way on earth I would be able to resist the urges.


However, by focusing on snapping out of autopilot, I was able to reconnect with my body.

Then I could stop and ask myself questions like:

“What can I do instead of going to the pantry?”

“Can I sit with this craving for a bit and see if it passes?”

“Can I have an alternative healthier treat or snack instead of having to have exactly what I am craving?”

“Am I really hungry or am I just tired, stressed, bored?”

Reason #4 Using food to make us feel better

Often, we might do really well on a diet, while we are motivated and things are going well in our lives.

But then some stressful events happen and the first thing we do is reach for sweets.


Because they make us feel good.

Sweets and feelings association

I am sure that at some point in your life, someone has brought you a box of chocolates or wine when you felt sad.

And that has made you feel better.

So, our brain associates the feeling of sadness with eating sugary food.

And it has stored that information for exactly this reason so we can use it to help us feel better when things get tough…

Reason #5 Not seeing instant results

This happens because losing weight requires so much effort!

We “have to” eat less and exercise “more”, so if we don’t see the results fast enough, we get tempted to give up.

Or even if we do, then we get excited and end up relaxing a bit.

Then we allow ourselves to have some treats to celebrate which in turn makes us gain the weight back.

However, if after all of this effort, there is either no change or only a very slight change, that will make us feel bad.

This then increases the cravings to eat more sugary and fatty to foods to help us feel better.

And on top of that, the cravings are reinforced by negative thoughts like:

“I already blew it, so I might as well keep eating and make the most of it… I will start fresh tomorrow…”

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